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Where energy saving light shifan Fuzhou poetry

Public date:[2013-07-25]

World-renowned Shanghai World Expo will showcase the great charm of energy-saving technology, the lighting on the product and take practical action to make energy pioneer, launched a three-line promotion T5 bracket, electronic transformers and other energy-saving products. 
     Fuzhou, arranged according to the company operations center in the country, and timely communication with each of the distributors, to promote the rational allocation of the number of the actual situation of each distributor, the company successfully completed the task assigned to promote the three-wire stent T5 and electronic transformers. 
     Through the promotion of the event, so that many of the dealers and consumers on the performance of the three product lines T5 energy-saving products such as stents have a more widely recognized, reflecting the poem where the lighting community to promote energy conservation in view of the next era of responsibility, won the praise of many customers in the field of engineering, is widely used in the subsequent three-wire stent has played a good role model.