Hotel Lighting

Hotel lighting should be designed! - The entrance channel (Part 1)

Public date:[2014-12-01]

As a core part of the hotel, we are like home for a warm room requirements, comfortable, quiet, friendly. Therefore, humane room lighting is the key to reflect the hotel grade, which is everything from light color, color, illumination, lighting stereoscopic seven elements to form.

The hotel rooms are usually divided into the entrance channel, several parts of a seating area, bathroom, reading space, lighting design these parts do have different purposes.

Hall room after the guests arrive first space, in order to better interpretation of "home" feeling, lighting designer should be to strengthen the "foyer welcomes controlled light" psychological suggestion, when the guests open the door and insert the keycard, the entrance channel lights will impressively lit, as if to welcome the arrival of the owner. Rooms at the channel as the first space, there are usually a few details light treatment:

First, the main light path
Passage of the main lighting is mainly played the rest area to greet guests and transition effects, functionality is not prominent, so no need to be too high illuminance, and because the guests from the hallway into the room lights dim, the light and shade acceptance of the human eye can not span is too big, so the need to pay attention to avoid sudden glare make guests feel uncomfortable.

Light Processing points:
1. Color temperature: Warm (close to the light color when the sun goes down, it is both physiological and psychological relaxation);
2, illumination: 50-100lux (to meet the basic visual requirements, and to avoid too much illumination differences and room hallway cause discomfort);
3, the number of lamps: 1 set (if you are suites channel longer be appropriate to increase the amount of lighting);
4, lighting options: anti-glare, light is not exposed.

Second, wardrobe
General The hotel is designed closet door on the right channel at the need for artificial lighting assist the wardrobe, to enable customers to put a clear choice to hang clothes. Because only place to hang clothes when auxiliary lighting, so no illumination is too high. At the same time, installed in the closet, and clothing contact distance is shorter, so I do not recommend choosing sources of heat radiation.

Light Processing points:
1, light distribution, to avoid gathering too light only irradiated onto a piece of clothing which led to the formation of dark areas on other clothing;
2. Select the trip switch, lights automatically turn on when the door count, there will not be a normal viewing angle glare guests feel comfortable. / LED beam no heat, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, while the hotel, guests will not feel the heat lamp stand.

3. If the installation location from the cabinet hanging bars close, to avoid the use of halogen light source.

3, LED home Integrated Ceiling (3W power, energy saving lighting and wardrobe sufficient to meet; fast start, can match the trip switch; cold light source, no harm clothing, low installation height for easy loading in the wardrobe.

Lighting design of the hotel rooms in other regions, please continue to focus on poetry where photoelectric Oh!